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Product Range

Scroll down to see all the designs on offer, including framed pet portraits, canvas portraits, welly paintings and splash paintings.

Product Range: Welcome

Framed Pet Portraits

These paintings make the perfect gift and are completed on high quality acrylic art paper and excellently framed.
Whoever your pet may be, get the perfect portrait of your little friend, available in many sizes.

Black Spaniel
Handsome Golden Spaniel
Wotsit the French Bulldog
Black Lab / SmellieArt
Amax the cow
Black and White Spaniel / SmellieArt
Painting SmellieArt GCS
Black Cat Portrait
Cute Cat Portrait
Lucas the Cat
Rolo Brown Spaniel
Max the black cat
Golden Lab / SmellieArt
Charlie the Puppy
Two balls of fluff
Ruth's Pup
Double doggies
Toffee and Tubs
Horse painting / SmellieArt
Field of cows / SmellieArt
Product Range: Gallery

Canvas Pet Portraits

Full of life and colour, completed on high quality canvases.

Jimmy the Working Spaniel
Bella the Spaniel
Gigha the Yellow Lab
Molly on the Beach
Black Spaniel Portrait
Winnie and Dessie the rescue dogs
Otto and the house
Twiglet and Bertie on a walk
Maggie the Staffy
Guilbert and the house
Three balls of fluff
Bramble and Oscar’s frosty morning
Australian Sheepdog
Beautiful Bunny
Car in the Sunset
Product Range: Gallery

Family Welly Paintings

These family pictures make great gifts for any occasion. Each welly boot can be personalised with the family member's interests. Beautifully written names and establish date framing the painting. These are completely hand made.

£45 framed

Customer with wellies (SmellieArt)
Wellies and plant (SmellieArt)
Sercombe Wellies (SmellieArt)
The Hewson-Barsellotti Wellies (SmellieArt)
Group of welly paintings (SmellieArt)
Mynett family (SmellieArt)
Sercombe Family (SmellieArt)
Dempster Wellies (SmellieArt)
Watters family (SmellieArt)
Two Welly Paintings (SmellieArt)
Hardy family (SmellieArt)
Personalised Welly Paintings (SmellieArt)
Easter wellies (SmellieArt)
Our chickens (SmellieArt)
Fathers day (SmellieArt)
Doughty Family (SmellieArt)
Martindale family (SmellieArt)
Group of wellies (SmellieArt)
Teresa's Chickens (SmellieArt)
Welly "Boote" Customer (SmellieArt)
Vines Wellies (SmellieArt)
Welly Painting (SmellieArt)
Children with wellies (SmellieArt)
Heath Family (SmellieArt)
Boote Family (SmellieArt)
Two welly paintings sofa (SmellieArt)
Sercombe Wellies (SmellieArt)
Customer with Chickens (SmellieArt)
Harrison Family (SmellieArt)
Wayt Wellies (SmellieArt)
Product Range: Gallery

Splash Paintings

These splash paintings are so fun and can be of any animal you like! 

Have a particular colour theme? No problem! Let us know your ideal splash painting and I'm sure we can come up with something that will catch everyone's eye!

Put in a request now!

Cockerel Splash
Elephant Splash
Dino Splash
Buck Splash
Elephant Splash
Cow Splash
Budgie Splash
Pig Splash
Blue Bird Splash
Duck Splash
Pheseant Splash
Fox splash
Product Range: Gallery
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